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kate really is a hero of our generation


the second text Noah ever sent to me was a picture of his own bare ass

a true friend and a real hero

i read a statistic once that 1 in 8 female college students will be raped/sexually assaulted

I read another that said 1 in 3 nonbinary individuals will experiance sexual abuse

50% percent of transgender individuals

In less than a month I will be living in a male wing of the schools dormitory where last semester a girl was raped in a bathroom by six guys from the baseball team.

Where I was sexually assaulted by a mentally unstable guy and sometimes when I smoke I can still feels his mouth on my neck and I have to make myself throw up to feel okay again

my dad tells me that he is scared for me and I dont have the heart to tell him that I am scared for myself because the odds are stacked against me.

People tell me that I am over reacting but those people dont understand how terrified I am that maybe he will come back next semester or that ill find myself become just another statistic